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About Us

Lakeside Metals was founded in 1978, by Charles and Carol Dyar.  Charles built the business from the ground up with a 6,250 square foot building.  He bought his first slitter for light gauge material and an overhead crane. His main focus was quality and customer service. 

Rick Dyar, his son who went to Winthrop University for business, opened the structural side of the business in 1985.  He brought more sales and volume as he had excelled in his niche, which expanded the business model and building.  While retaining customers and satisfaction the company added two more slitters and a shear.  Rick's son, Grant worked part time until he finished his Business operations degree at Clemson University.  He joined us in 2017 learning the overall management aspects inside and outside of the business.

Today we have slitter operators with over 30 years in slitting experience.  With the tacit knowledge present we can shorten lead times and tighten quality control satisfying our customers on a daily basis.  

Our Mission:

Lakeside Metals strives to be your partner for all coil and sheet products.  We are here to develop collaborative relations whether you are a "mom & pop" shop, or a Fortune 500 company.  With our short turnover times and customer satisfaction we can provide you success in your demand.  We believe that we are known for being loyal, honorable, and respectful towards each customer and supplier.


At Lakeside we value our employees and work side by side no matter the task.  Teamwork and Leadership surrounds our business culture. This leads us to develop sincere relationships that contribute to our safe workplace environment.

We have been in the Anderson, SC community for over 40 years.  We contribute and participate in community events to drive the growth for betterment.  Whether it is in our local church or a fundraising event, you can find us there.  Nonetheless we give all the glory to God!





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